“Here you are now, come and let me show you My World”

Think about life that you want to live for. Think about how great you could be. Think about how beautiful your dreams if it becomes real. How big’s your desire for all of it? Life is only one way trip. You can’t repeat the time but you can start your step right now! Not about how big your movement, it’s about your dilligence even for a small thing. Start living your dreams right now!


Future Me

A letter for Future Me : How are you? What are you doing right now? You’ve already known from the beginning that you can be a great person, a girl who can reach her dreams, spread love and positive impact to another people. You’ve already known from the beginning that you’ll face the consequences of …

Silent Scream

It began at chinese new year family dinner. The time that full of laugh and happiness. But, there’s something that bothering me. The menu called “Shark Fin Soup Imitation”. It bothered me why there’s a word “Imitation” . But at that moment I just easily forget about it. After dinner, I went back home & …


Here you are now, come and let me show you my world. This time I talked about “H.O.M.E” What’s the different between house and home? House is a building, Home is the feel of “house”. You can have a lot of house but you can’t feel the home. And maybe you don’t have a house …


A little girl who tries to live her big dreams by creating her own dream world