Little Indian Princess

Welcome to I’m Hope very first page

To start my website, I choose Native American as my inspiration. Do you know about Native Americans belief ? Yash!! They believe in Dream Catcher, they believe it will catch their good dream to be a part of their life and the nightmare will slip off through the hole in the middle of the Dream Catcher.

I don’t really believe in Dream Catcher but I believe If I get a Dream , I  will catch it !

My First Look

This is my very first top that I have ever made. I choose to make a brown off-shoulder top as the color reminds me with Native Americans Clothes.

My Second Look

When I made my very first jumpsuit , I imagine that I will wear it to hang out with my family and my friends. I imagine to make it simple but comfortable for me. So I decided to make off-shoulder jumpsuit.

My Third Look

Tell about Native Americans , in my mind the word “Freedom” come automatically. It inspired me to make an outer that make me free to move.

Off-Shoulder Top : @nadyajosephine
Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit : @nadyajosephine
Outer : @nadyajosephine
Headdress : @nadyajosephine
Photographer : @bieneij @christofelix94 @kelvinmorriss
Editor : @msastee

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