Goddess of Love

I’m not Aphrodite (Goddess of Love) who can spread the Love to a whole world. I’m just a Girl. I can’t make this whole world full with Love , what I can do, just make my whole heart full with Love. Even sometimes it’s hard too. Sometimes there’s also hate on my heart.

People can’t see my heart but people can see me. What’s on my heart will reflect on me.

When there’s Love on my heart, it reflects on me. When there’s hate on my heart, it reflects on me too.

The question is ” Which one will you choose to reflect on?”

My First Look

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love. The gentle of Love inspires me to make this clothes. I choose the soft color of fabric and made this assymetrical shirt.

My Second Look

This short is the first short I’ve ever made. If you often find the assymetrical skirt but this time I made the assymetrical short. And the style of Ancient Greek inspires me to make this model of shirt.

My Third Look

Actually I didn’t make this dress. But my mom did ! She surprisely gave me this dress without I knew when she made this dress. She chose the color perfectly and made the assymetrical dress that fitted perfectly to me. A Lovely dress made by my mom that I Loved the most because it made with all of her Love.

Assymetrical Top : @nadyajosephine
Assymetrical Short : @nadyajosephine
Cross Over Shirt : @nadyajospehine
Dress : My Lovely Mom
Photographers : @bieneij @kelvinmorriss

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