The idea of this month concept actually came to me almost a year ago but I have another thought that time so this concept need to waited on queue to make it real.

What’s on your mind when you see that dress? It is too simple, too boring, too ordinary or nothing special on that dress? And that’s come on my mind how to make a style that came from the simplicity. Scroll down to find my answer

“The Simplicity Happened  to Make  “Color” more Meaningful”

First Look

(Simplicity X Bohomian Style)

Bohomian Style usually identic with the expression of Freedom. This style come from the style of an artist who usually wear an old clothes. If you know Coachella (Music Festival) you should know this style. Actually this is my Favorite Style. I take a look for Bohomian Style on Pinterest. I juts love to see it.

Second Look

(Simplicity X Preppy Style)

Preppy Style come from American’s culture about school and university looks. Preppy style gave us the impression of educated people. Sometimes Preppy style identic with “nerdy” style  too.

Third Look

( Simplicity X Rock Style)

Black is the most identic color of Rock style. This trend of fashion is adapting music genre, Rock n Roll. Without further explanation, you will automatically  thought about Rock style when you saw it.

Fourth Look

(Simplicity X Urban Style)

Urban Style is connected with the city style and sometimes connected with music scne too. Urban style often reflect our taste on fashion and you can’t go wrong with urban style.

Little White Dress : @nadyajosephine
Brown Bohomian Outer : @nadyajosephine
Preppy Top : @nadyajosephine
Black Rock Outer : @nadyajosephine
Blue Urban Outer : @nadyajosephine
Special Thanks to @vaniaprsln

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