Welcome back to my blog. This new update is a little bit different. I want to introduce my own brand. I’ve already started to learn making my own Ready-to-Wear Clothing Line. I chose “Joseven” as my brand name that came from my name “Josephine” and my favorite number 7. I searched it for a long time and it’s took more time. Because I wanted to connect with my brand name. And what I wanted is to sell my own design of Ready-to-Wear clothes.

The best way to learn about business is walk on it. And I decided to start learning right now. I learned from my  mistakes & learned to manage my time. Here are some clothes on Joseven.

This is my Chinese New Year edition, I didn’t choose red as the main color but I tried to make clothes with yellow and pink color but it is still identic with CNY.




Outer(s): @joseven.official
Special Thanks to @melissajtamara

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