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Hi, welcome to my blog again. This year started with hectic month full with exams and now I got a long holiday before starting to learn again. But next time I’ll learn something that I choose and like to learn.

Senior High School for me was a comfort zone. When we’re still young and have a lot of friends. The very important thing was just to be happy, having a lot of time and a little responsibilities.

And now I’m waiting to say goodbye with my High School. Am I feel sad? Yes, but also No. Yes, because I have to say goodbye with my “comfort zone”. But also I’m not sad because I realize it that I need to move forward. Let’s see what happen to my life next. I’m so curious and excited.

My First Look

I wanted to make a top that bring sweet and cute look at the same time. I chose to “play” with bright color and some lace. And here is it, what do you think about my top?

My Second Look

I liked to look around on the clothes shop and learned about the inovation of the style. And I often found a skirt with button. Actually I loved it. So I made my own skirt based on what I wanted. I made a brown skirt with buttons and I made it with inside pockets. It’s hard to find a skirt with inside pocket on the store. So I made my own skirt.

My Third Look

I love this dress. Simple but cute. The strap in my back neck become the simple detail of my dress. And I love how I can wear the dress only or combine it with another clothes.

Top : @nadyajosephine
Skirt : @nadyajosephine
Dress : @nadyajosephine
Photographer : @christofelix94


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