All About Time

This month I officially graduated from my school. Im so blessed that God gave me strength and helped me pass my school well without having a hard time. The key is on a good time management. I don’t like to postpone my duty, I always do my school task at the same day it’s given. No matter how long the deadline, I do it as soon as possible. Usually at about 4/5 PM I’ve already done all of my school duty. I’m free, I have so much time to do what I like. I could get rest, sew clothes, write my blog, go out with my family or hangout with my friends.

make a priority scale, don’t waste your time, do it as soon as possible, don’t forget to do what you really like too, and also balance your time with friends and family. When you can make a great time management, that’ll be your good habit and lifestyle. For me, there’s automatically “alarm” on myself if I postpone my duty.

My Kebaya Look

For my graduation, my school set kebaya became the dresscode. So here it is, my very first kebaya. I designed it by myself but my mom the one who made it. That’s because the process was complicated. I helped her as possible as I could do. But soon I’ll learn to make kebaya by myself.

My Second Look

The concept of my kebaya was “Flexibility is Number One” . I thought about the design of kebaya seriously. It must be possible to change the kebaya into Ready-to-Wear Clothes. After the Graduation, I cut the “jarik” into mini skirt. I put off the beads on my kebaya, also I remove the tassel. My kebaya now became Ready-to-Wear Clothes.

My Third Look

In this situation I feel so blessed with my mini size. I’ve already cut off my long tail jarik and change it into mini skirt but that means I still have residue of my jarik. I decided to change it into mini batik vest. And it’s look so perfect when I wore my batik vest and my mini skirt.

Photo Studio

On the day of my Graduation I took a photo session with my family and my friends. Before my Graduation we went to Jonas Photo Semarang, and that’s the reason we came late to our Graduation. But it’s okey for me took a photo mean keeping my story into pictures.


Kabaya by @nadyajosephine
White Top by @nadyajosephine
Mini Skirt by @nadyajosephine
Batik Vest by @nadyajosephine 
MUA by Nov Bridal Semarang
Photo Studio by Jonas Photo Semarang

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