Little Princess’ Believe

Here you are now, come and let me show you my world. This time I talked about “Little Princess’s Believe”.

There was a little girl around 6 years old who dreamt to became princess. She asked her mom if she could be princess on her sixth birthday. That’s because she liked read a book about princess from disney. There are so many story about princesses that she know but she chose to became Belle from The Beauty and The Beast story for her birthday. There was no special reason behind her choices. She only believed that she could be anything that she wanted without any doubtfulness inclueded become princess.

That little girl’s pure believe remind me that you can be anything that you want to be. And it could start with tell your dream to another people that possibly support you. In fact we can’t do all things alone. We need another people’s help. Just make sure you find the right person who will support and help you. It can be your family, friends, or maybe someone who you never thought before. Don’t stop believing in your dreams!

I dedicated this post for those little princess’s believe, the little girl who dreamt to be Princess Belle, the little me, 12 years ago.

My First Look

The red rose became the symbol of life in the story of The Beauty and The Beast. And actually red rose also my favorite flower. That’s why I’m so excited when I made the design of my outer. I chose white fabrics so I could stick out the color of the red roses. The transparent fabric made it possible to show the clothes inside.

My Second Look

I made a simple yellow top then I put the chain into my top to prettify my top. To make my look not so plain, I make a assymetrical skirt with 2 different type of fabrics. And because the color of this fabrics so soft, I putĀ  a rose lace on the pocket as the detail of my skirt.

My Third Look

From the beginning I decided to make a simple top that possible to wear with any other clothes. I made a tile skirt as a suit with my top, so it’ll look like a dress but also able to wear it separately. I chose yellow as the color referring the main color of Belle’s iconic dress. I made Belle’s dress with my own style. I’m so in love with the roses spread on the skirt that gave a great combination color.

Top by @nadyajosephine
Outer by @nadyajosephine
Assymetrical Skirt by @nadyajosephine
Tile Skirt by @nadyajosephine
Photographer by @bieneij

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