Time Changes Us

Here you are now, come and let me show you my world. This I talked about ” Times Change Us”

All that we know only walk on day by day. Survive for all the problem & challenge a day by day. Wake up to do our duty all day and go to sleep to prepare for the duty on the next day. Never realize that we have changed. Sometimes the days go very well and some others do not. Look back and see how your life was going. Look back and see where you stand right now. Be gratefull, look forward, and keep going.

Last month, I went to Surabaya to attend my big bro’s graduation. I used to go Surabaya but rarely visit in his dormetery. The last time I visited his place was when the first time he would go to the university and finally I came again when he has already graduated. That reminds me how fast the time passed. How gratefull I am to have him as my big bro. Even I’ve never realized his growth up because on my eyes he is always be my big bro and that’s meant he is always bigger than me in every part of my life. I never see him smaller than me so I just never realize he is now a man.

My mom and I collaborated to make a “Family Uniform” to attend my big bro graduation. For the men’s wear we asked a tailor to make it. So we made 3 dresses, for my mom, my sist, and for me.

My Dress

For my dress I suit the batik fabric with my dad and my big bro. I wanted a girly style that suits with my young age. So I combined batik dress with blue short. I made the short separately so I could wear it with another clothes in another occasion. And the collar I also made it separately so this dress could be able to wear without the collar. A high collar help me look tall because it made my neck look longer. I made the dress with a split off so when I used it for walk the blue short can be seen.

My Mom Dress

For my mom’s dress, she she made it by herself. She wanted the simple one but it still suits for attending the graduation. She combined Blue Batik with brocade fabric arround her shoulder and arm . Simple but ellegant.


My Sist Dress

The dress for my sist, I and my mom designed it together. With the same fabric with my mom’s dress but similar design with my dress. So this dress is the affiliation between my mom’s dress and my dress. We also combined the batik with  a split off blue fabric with a collar, tulip sleeve.


My Dress by @nadyajosephine
My Sist's Dress by @nadyajosephine & my mom
My Mom's Dress by herself
My Dad & Big Bro Shirt by Duta Tailor

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