Here you are now, come and let me show you my world. This month I talked about “Perspective”.

A coin had 2 sides. If you can see a side, you won’t see the other side. When you can see the bright side of a person maybe you forget that they also have the dark side. The same situation when you can see the dark side of a person you easily judge and forget that they also have the bright side. Sometimes we just forget to see the other side of people. Even when we can’t see it but believe that there’s another side of people. It’s all about perspective.

What’s about my other side? I admitted that I pushed myself too hard. I put my own standard, organize my plan very detail, I mean very very detail, set deadline of everything. I once feel scared when see a date, it means one day closer to my deadline date. I punished myself for having unproductive days and being tired. I got angry with myself when I made a mistakes, etc.

This month I bring with concept Pink & Black. Pink refers to “Bright Side” and Black refers to “Dark Side”. A very different color but reminds me about the different sides.

My First Look

“Neat”. That’s what came into my mind for this look. For the blouse, actually I made this for my school task. For my skirt I made a simple black skirt with a little layer and decorate it with flowers motife in white thread.

My Second Look

One of the “must have item” clothes is black outer. I made it by myself a simple one. Because it will suitable with so manu kind of clothes. Just make sure I feel comfortable when I wear it. And for the skort (skirt&short), this is the very first time I made it. I just set my mind “free” when I thought about the concept of this skort. And here it is my very first skort.

Pink Blouse by @nadyajosephine
Black Tight Skirt by @nadyajosephine
Black Outer by @nadyajosephine
Pink Black Skort by @nadyajosephine