Here you are now, come and let me show you my world. This time I talked about “H.O.M.E”

What’s the different between house and home?
House is a building, Home is the feel of “house”. You can have a lot of house but you can’t feel the home. And maybe you don’t have a house but you feel the home. I’m so lucky I have a house that feel like home too.

You can go as far as you want, you can do whatever you want. No matter what, you will always be back to your home.

And for now I can feel my home completely about 2-3 times a year. One of that time is when we celebrate the family tradition on Chinese New Year. All of the family come and spend time together.

“Home when Family all Gather Together”

First Look

Asymmetric neck line with a single shoulder tap & a diagonal cut with tassel from Gingham Fabric (Qubicle motife) that suit with my Flare Skirt.

Second Look

The Assymetrical Red Top. I made it with only 1 sleeve and decorated it with chinese frog button. I also made a black short with a Chinese Letter of my Chinese Name. “Jade” or “Giok” is the meaning of the Chinese Letter on my short. My grandpa gave me that name to when I was a baby. Jade or Giok is the precious stone that popular in China that known for manifesting good luck and prosperity.

Top(s) by @nadyajosephine
Skirt by @nadyajosephine
Balck Short by @nadyajosephine
Photographer by @christofelix94

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