Silent Scream

It began at chinese new year family dinner. The time that full of laugh and happiness. But, there’s something that bothering me. The menu called “Shark Fin Soup Imitation”. It bothered me why there’s a word “Imitation” . But at that moment I just easily forget about it.

After dinner, I went back home & just chilled out with my instagram. And I found a story about shark fin in instagram.

How human caught living sharks and cut their fins and returned the living shark without fins to the sea. I also read some articles on google and found out that those sharks without fins meant they lost their balance ability, the high pressure water also made them out of breathe.  They started to die slowly. A lot of divers found shark corpse without fins.

These case always blow out every year around Chinese New Year as it becomes the “must have” menu for dinner. After that it is slowly dissapear again.

“Because You Can’t  Hear The Screams. It Doesn’t Mean They Dont Exist”

Deep down under the sea, the Sharks “Screaming”. But it’s all just a silent scream. And let me speak it up in my own way, by Fashion.

Shark Fin Dress by @nadyajosephine