Future Me

A letter for Future Me :

How are you? What are you doing right now?

You’ve already known from the beginning that you can be a great person, a girl who can reach her dreams, spread love and positive impact to another people. You’ve already known from the beginning that you’ll face the consequences of big dreams, you must walk through the fail, fighting with yourself and your comfort zone, there’s price that you must pay.

If you’ve already been on the top of mountain, I hope you don’t forget about the reason when you start it all. 

If you’re right now in the lowest part of the ground, I hope you don’t about the reason when you start it all. Don’t give up easily.

It’s okay to stop and see how far you’ve walked and remembered the memories for a while.

First Look

Second Look

Black Dress by @nadyajosephine
Flower Coat by @nadyajosephine
Feather Outer by @nadyajosephine
Captured by @Christofelix94


Silent Scream

It began at chinese new year family dinner. The time that full of laugh and happiness. But, there’s something that bothering me. The menu called “Shark Fin Soup Imitation”. It bothered me why there’s a word “Imitation” . But at that moment I just easily forget about it.

After dinner, I went back home & just chilled out with my instagram. And I found a story about shark fin in instagram.

How human caught living sharks and cut their fins and returned the living shark without fins to the sea. I also read some articles on google and found out that those sharks without fins meant they lost their balance ability, the high pressure water also made them out of breathe.  They started to die slowly. A lot of divers found shark corpse without fins.

These case always blow out every year around Chinese New Year as it becomes the “must have” menu for dinner. After that it is slowly dissapear again.

“Because You Can’t  Hear The Screams. It Doesn’t Mean They Dont Exist”

Deep down under the sea, the Sharks “Screaming”. But it’s all just a silent scream. And let me speak it up in my own way, by Fashion.

Shark Fin Dress by @nadyajosephine


Here you are now, come and let me show you my world. This time I talked about “H.O.M.E”

What’s the different between house and home?
House is a building, Home is the feel of “house”. You can have a lot of house but you can’t feel the home. And maybe you don’t have a house but you feel the home. I’m so lucky I have a house that feel like home too.

You can go as far as you want, you can do whatever you want. No matter what, you will always be back to your home.

And for now I can feel my home completely about 2-3 times a year. One of that time is when we celebrate the family tradition on Chinese New Year. All of the family come and spend time together.

“Home when Family all Gather Together”

First Look

Asymmetric neck line with a single shoulder tap & a diagonal cut with tassel from Gingham Fabric (Qubicle motife) that suit with my Flare Skirt.

Second Look

The Assymetrical Red Top. I made it with only 1 sleeve and decorated it with chinese frog button. I also made a black short with a Chinese Letter of my Chinese Name. “Jade” or “Giok” is the meaning of the Chinese Letter on my short. My grandpa gave me that name to when I was a baby. Jade or Giok is the precious stone that popular in China that known for manifesting good luck and prosperity.

Top(s) by @nadyajosephine
Skirt by @nadyajosephine
Balck Short by @nadyajosephine
Photographer by @christofelix94


Here you are now, come and let me show you my world. This month I talked about “Perspective”.

A coin had 2 sides. If you can see a side, you won’t see the other side. When you can see the bright side of a person maybe you forget that they also have the dark side. The same situation when you can see the dark side of a person you easily judge and forget that they also have the bright side. Sometimes we just forget to see the other side of people. Even when we can’t see it but believe that there’s another side of people. It’s all about perspective.

What’s about my other side? I admitted that I pushed myself too hard. I put my own standard, organize my plan very detail, I mean very very detail, set deadline of everything. I once feel scared when see a date, it means one day closer to my deadline date. I punished myself for having unproductive days and being tired. I got angry with myself when I made a mistakes, etc.

This month I bring with concept Pink & Black. Pink refers to “Bright Side” and Black refers to “Dark Side”. A very different color but reminds me about the different sides.

My First Look

“Neat”. That’s what came into my mind for this look. For the blouse, actually I made this for my school task. For my skirt I made a simple black skirt with a little layer and decorate it with flowers motife in white thread.

My Second Look

One of the “must have item” clothes is black outer. I made it by myself a simple one. Because it will suitable with so manu kind of clothes. Just make sure I feel comfortable when I wear it. And for the skort (skirt&short), this is the very first time I made it. I just set my mind “free” when I thought about the concept of this skort. And here it is my very first skort.

Pink Blouse by @nadyajosephine
Black Tight Skirt by @nadyajosephine
Black Outer by @nadyajosephine
Pink Black Skort by @nadyajosephine

Time Changes Us

Here you are now, come and let me show you my world. This I talked about ” Times Change Us”

All that we know only walk on day by day. Survive for all the problem & challenge a day by day. Wake up to do our duty all day and go to sleep to prepare for the duty on the next day. Never realize that we have changed. Sometimes the days go very well and some others do not. Look back and see how your life was going. Look back and see where you stand right now. Be gratefull, look forward, and keep going.

Last month, I went to Surabaya to attend my big bro’s graduation. I used to go Surabaya but rarely visit in his dormetery. The last time I visited his place was when the first time he would go to the university and finally I came again when he has already graduated. That reminds me how fast the time passed. How gratefull I am to have him as my big bro. Even I’ve never realized his growth up because on my eyes he is always be my big bro and that’s meant he is always bigger than me in every part of my life. I never see him smaller than me so I just never realize he is now a man.

My mom and I collaborated to make a “Family Uniform” to attend my big bro graduation. For the men’s wear we asked a tailor to make it. So we made 3 dresses, for my mom, my sist, and for me.

My Dress

For my dress I suit the batik fabric with my dad and my big bro. I wanted a girly style that suits with my young age. So I combined batik dress with blue short. I made the short separately so I could wear it with another clothes in another occasion. And the collar I also made it separately so this dress could be able to wear without the collar. A high collar help me look tall because it made my neck look longer. I made the dress with a split off so when I used it for walk the blue short can be seen.

My Mom Dress

For my mom’s dress, she she made it by herself. She wanted the simple one but it still suits for attending the graduation. She combined Blue Batik with brocade fabric arround her shoulder and arm . Simple but ellegant.


My Sist Dress

The dress for my sist, I and my mom designed it together. With the same fabric with my mom’s dress but similar design with my dress. So this dress is the affiliation between my mom’s dress and my dress. We also combined the batik with  a split off blue fabric with a collar, tulip sleeve.


My Dress by @nadyajosephine
My Sist's Dress by @nadyajosephine & my mom
My Mom's Dress by herself
My Dad & Big Bro Shirt by Duta Tailor

Little Princess’ Believe

Here you are now, come and let me show you my world. This time I talked about “Little Princess’s Believe”.

There was a little girl around 6 years old who dreamt to became princess. She asked her mom if she could be princess on her sixth birthday. That’s because she liked read a book about princess from disney. There are so many story about princesses that she know but she chose to became Belle from The Beauty and The Beast story for her birthday. There was no special reason behind her choices. She only believed that she could be anything that she wanted without any doubtfulness inclueded become princess.

That little girl’s pure believe remind me that you can be anything that you want to be. And it could start with tell your dream to another people that possibly support you. In fact we can’t do all things alone. We need another people’s help. Just make sure you find the right person who will support and help you. It can be your family, friends, or maybe someone who you never thought before. Don’t stop believing in your dreams!

I dedicated this post for those little princess’s believe, the little girl who dreamt to be Princess Belle, the little me, 12 years ago.

My First Look

The red rose became the symbol of life in the story of The Beauty and The Beast. And actually red rose also my favorite flower. That’s why I’m so excited when I made the design of my outer. I chose white fabrics so I could stick out the color of the red roses. The transparent fabric made it possible to show the clothes inside.

My Second Look

I made a simple yellow top then I put the chain into my top to prettify my top. To make my look not so plain, I make a assymetrical skirt with 2 different type of fabrics. And because the color of this fabrics so soft, I put  a rose lace on the pocket as the detail of my skirt.

My Third Look

From the beginning I decided to make a simple top that possible to wear with any other clothes. I made a tile skirt as a suit with my top, so it’ll look like a dress but also able to wear it separately. I chose yellow as the color referring the main color of Belle’s iconic dress. I made Belle’s dress with my own style. I’m so in love with the roses spread on the skirt that gave a great combination color.

Top by @nadyajosephine
Outer by @nadyajosephine
Assymetrical Skirt by @nadyajosephine
Tile Skirt by @nadyajosephine
Photographer by @bieneij

All About Time

This month I officially graduated from my school. Im so blessed that God gave me strength and helped me pass my school well without having a hard time. The key is on a good time management. I don’t like to postpone my duty, I always do my school task at the same day it’s given. No matter how long the deadline, I do it as soon as possible. Usually at about 4/5 PM I’ve already done all of my school duty. I’m free, I have so much time to do what I like. I could get rest, sew clothes, write my blog, go out with my family or hangout with my friends.

make a priority scale, don’t waste your time, do it as soon as possible, don’t forget to do what you really like too, and also balance your time with friends and family. When you can make a great time management, that’ll be your good habit and lifestyle. For me, there’s automatically “alarm” on myself if I postpone my duty.

My Kebaya Look

For my graduation, my school set kebaya became the dresscode. So here it is, my very first kebaya. I designed it by myself but my mom the one who made it. That’s because the process was complicated. I helped her as possible as I could do. But soon I’ll learn to make kebaya by myself.

My Second Look

The concept of my kebaya was “Flexibility is Number One” . I thought about the design of kebaya seriously. It must be possible to change the kebaya into Ready-to-Wear Clothes. After the Graduation, I cut the “jarik” into mini skirt. I put off the beads on my kebaya, also I remove the tassel. My kebaya now became Ready-to-Wear Clothes.

My Third Look

In this situation I feel so blessed with my mini size. I’ve already cut off my long tail jarik and change it into mini skirt but that means I still have residue of my jarik. I decided to change it into mini batik vest. And it’s look so perfect when I wore my batik vest and my mini skirt.

Photo Studio

On the day of my Graduation I took a photo session with my family and my friends. Before my Graduation we went to Jonas Photo Semarang, and that’s the reason we came late to our Graduation. But it’s okey for me took a photo mean keeping my story into pictures.


Kabaya by @nadyajosephine
White Top by @nadyajosephine
Mini Skirt by @nadyajosephine
Batik Vest by @nadyajosephine 
MUA by Nov Bridal Semarang
Photo Studio by Jonas Photo Semarang

Life Book

Hi, welcome to my blog again. This year started with hectic month full with exams and now I got a long holiday before starting to learn again. But next time I’ll learn something that I choose and like to learn.

Senior High School for me was a comfort zone. When we’re still young and have a lot of friends. The very important thing was just to be happy, having a lot of time and a little responsibilities.

And now I’m waiting to say goodbye with my High School. Am I feel sad? Yes, but also No. Yes, because I have to say goodbye with my “comfort zone”. But also I’m not sad because I realize it that I need to move forward. Let’s see what happen to my life next. I’m so curious and excited.

My First Look

I wanted to make a top that bring sweet and cute look at the same time. I chose to “play” with bright color and some lace. And here is it, what do you think about my top?

My Second Look

I liked to look around on the clothes shop and learned about the inovation of the style. And I often found a skirt with button. Actually I loved it. So I made my own skirt based on what I wanted. I made a brown skirt with buttons and I made it with inside pockets. It’s hard to find a skirt with inside pocket on the store. So I made my own skirt.

My Third Look

I love this dress. Simple but cute. The strap in my back neck become the simple detail of my dress. And I love how I can wear the dress only or combine it with another clothes.

Top : @nadyajosephine
Skirt : @nadyajosephine
Dress : @nadyajosephine
Photographer : @christofelix94



Welcome back to my blog. This new update is a little bit different. I want to introduce my own brand. I’ve already started to learn making my own Ready-to-Wear Clothing Line. I chose “Joseven” as my brand name that came from my name “Josephine” and my favorite number 7. I searched it for a long time and it’s took more time. Because I wanted to connect with my brand name. And what I wanted is to sell my own design of Ready-to-Wear clothes.

The best way to learn about business is walk on it. And I decided to start learning right now. I learned from my  mistakes & learned to manage my time. Here are some clothes on Joseven.

This is my Chinese New Year edition, I didn’t choose red as the main color but I tried to make clothes with yellow and pink color but it is still identic with CNY.




Outer(s): @joseven.official
Special Thanks to @melissajtamara


The idea of this month concept actually came to me almost a year ago but I have another thought that time so this concept need to waited on queue to make it real.

What’s on your mind when you see that dress? It is too simple, too boring, too ordinary or nothing special on that dress? And that’s come on my mind how to make a style that came from the simplicity. Scroll down to find my answer

“The Simplicity Happened  to Make  “Color” more Meaningful”

First Look

(Simplicity X Bohomian Style)

Bohomian Style usually identic with the expression of Freedom. This style come from the style of an artist who usually wear an old clothes. If you know Coachella (Music Festival) you should know this style. Actually this is my Favorite Style. I take a look for Bohomian Style on Pinterest. I juts love to see it.

Second Look

(Simplicity X Preppy Style)

Preppy Style come from American’s culture about school and university looks. Preppy style gave us the impression of educated people. Sometimes Preppy style identic with “nerdy” style  too.

Third Look

( Simplicity X Rock Style)

Black is the most identic color of Rock style. This trend of fashion is adapting music genre, Rock n Roll. Without further explanation, you will automatically  thought about Rock style when you saw it.

Fourth Look

(Simplicity X Urban Style)

Urban Style is connected with the city style and sometimes connected with music scne too. Urban style often reflect our taste on fashion and you can’t go wrong with urban style.

Little White Dress : @nadyajosephine
Brown Bohomian Outer : @nadyajosephine
Preppy Top : @nadyajosephine
Black Rock Outer : @nadyajosephine
Blue Urban Outer : @nadyajosephine
Special Thanks to @vaniaprsln

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