Sailing Over The Dream

“There’s a sailor, with her boat cross the sea trying to find the island which is full of treasure. She fulfilled her boat with provision and chose a strong material of boat. But there’s always problems. From the outside there are Pirates who try to steal everything that she had and an unexpected storm. From the inside, sometimes the compass stopped working , the part of boat broke down, the provision became less, and also sometimes the sailor got tired and wanted to go back to her homeland.”

What I wanted to say that the illustration can be found in a life.

The Sailor & the Boat are you. The Island which is full of treasure is your goals. And the Sea is the Process. When you wanted something you must do something to reach it. You must prepare everything that you need, even there’s always the other people try to break you down, a problem that happened without you can control it, and that made you lost your way, broke your heart, less your hope, and sometimes all of the problems made you want to go back & stayed in your comfort zone.

Or you can choose to be Brave, be Strong, and Face the Problem and Keep Sailing.

My Firts Look

I know when the word “Sailor” come, automatically in your mind there will be a person wearing a white uniform with the dark blue neck tie. That’s come automatically too in my mind. But once again I’m not be a Cosplay, I juts pick the theme as my inspiration and change it to my version, so It is still possible to me to wear this clothes anywhere I go.

My Second Look

I remembered when this top has already done, I showed it to my dad and he said that my top looks like a sailor. I never told about my inspiration to him before. But he could said exactly the same about my inspiration. Also in other moment , I’ve already worn this top to go out with my friends before and no one tell me that I’m like a sailor. That’s exactly my point. How can I make some clothes based on my inspiration but also possible to wear it around without be a Cosplay.

My Third Look

I have a small size that make me only need a small fabrics to make clothes. And yes this shirt made by the same fabric with the top from My First Look and this skirt made by the same fabric with the top from My Second Look. From only around 100 cm fabric, I can make 2 different clothes. I don’t know if I must feel lucky with my small size or not.

Top(s) : @nadyajosephine
Skirt : @nadyajosephine 
Photographers : @bieneij @christofelix94 @kelvinmorriss

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Special Update

Dream World

Exactly a month ago was my birthday. I’m turning 17 this year. To celebrate my birthday, I chose to make my dream come true instead of holding my sweet seventeen party. Those day I launched my blog. Even I almost forgot the feeling of birthday because all of mind was full with my blog. Thankyou for all of my friends who sent their wishes for me, gave me a lot of presents, and also came to my house to give me a birthday surprise and spent their time with me.

And also I had another dream. The dream that every girls had too. I dreamt to be a princess even only a day. I didn’t  hold my sweet seventeen party but I still wanted to have my pre-sweet photoshoot (even I took that picture after my birthday)

My First Look

I let my mind to think what I really wanted. I let myself draw my Dream Dress in my mind and then I started to make it by myself. It was really great when I have done my dress and wore it for the first time.

My Second Look

When I thought about my Dream Dress clearly I knew that I didn’t want my Dream Dress just became a Dream Dress. I wanted it become flexible. So I decided to make it separated.

My Third Look

I asked myself “What will you do with your Dream Dress to make it possible to wear it for hangout with your family and friends?” And here’s my answer.


I don’t like to wear make-up. Even when  I go to party, lipstick always be the only make-up I did. How proper make-up should be like? I don’t know the standard and I don’t know how to use them either. BIENEIJ team ( me with the make-up for this photoshoot. I fully trust them for my photoshoot and make-up. They give me the kind of make-up that suits me very well. When the final touch done, I instantly fell in love with the works.

“I don’t like to wear make-up but that moment I just fell in love with my make-up”


I don’t really pay attention on shoes. I can’t fell in love with shoes so easily. Also it’s too hard for me to find the right size. My size was just 36 (and sometimes it still to big for me!) so I decided to make my own shoes with my exactly size. I asked to “Biondi Shoes” to make my Dream Shoes. They listened what I want and they made it exactly the same. I really loved it!

“If you can’t find it, just make it”

Dress(top&skirt) : @nadyajosephine
Short : @nadyajosephine
MUA : @bieneij
Photographer : @bieneij
Shoes: @biondishoes

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Little Indian Princess

Welcome to I’m Hope very first page

To start my website, I choose Native American as my inspiration. Do you know about Native Americans belief ? Yash!! They believe in Dream Catcher, they believe it will catch their good dream to be a part of their life and the nightmare will slip off through the hole in the middle of the Dream Catcher.

I don’t really believe in Dream Catcher but I believe If I get a Dream , I  will catch it !

My First Look

This is my very first top that I have ever made. I choose to make a brown off-shoulder top as the color reminds me with Native Americans Clothes.

My Second Look

When I made my very first jumpsuit , I imagine that I will wear it to hang out with my family and my friends. I imagine to make it simple but comfortable for me. So I decided to make off-shoulder jumpsuit.

My Third Look

Tell about Native Americans , in my mind the word “Freedom” come automatically. It inspired me to make an outer that make me free to move.

Off-Shoulder Top : @nadyajosephine
Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit : @nadyajosephine
Outer : @nadyajosephine
Headdress : @nadyajosephine
Photographer : @bieneij @christofelix94 @kelvinmorriss
Editor : @msastee

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